Men’s Retreat 2014

April 27th, 2014


April 2014 Newsletter

April 27th, 2014

We just got back from our second airport run this month. Three weeks ago we dropped off Bruno’s mom and grandmother. They came from Portugal and stayed with us for 2 months! It was wonderful for the kids to get reacquainted with them since it has been four years since our last visit.

Stephen is a recent college graduate that came to work with us last September. After 7 months, he returned home last week. He was an incredible asset to our camp since he was a hard worker and was willing to try anything. He became a good family friend.

We will be arriving in the United States in less than 2 months! It seems a bit surreal but all four of us are looking forward to it. The children were a bit disappointed when I told them the snow will be gone by June but we might catch some at Christmas time.

I have been doing a lot of organizing of our personal items by making packing piles and storage piles. In addition to us leaving our house, our mission’s director, Terry Thompson, and his wife, Carol, will be moving in to our house for our 6 month furlough. We have both been organizing camp so that they can easily find and use everything they might need.

While we are in the States we will be visiting all of our supporting churches as well as reaching out to new ones, as we seek to raise our support, which is currently at 74% of the minimum support level required by the mission.


The men’s retreat is next week and we are expecting around 40 men from Uruguay and Argentina. This will be the last of our own camps we run before we leave Uruguay.

A couple days ago we welcomed our newest member to the camp staff. Christians wife, Maria, gave birth to Samuel, weighing in at 7 lbs 11 oz and with a headful of dark hair! We pray he will love God from a young age just like his namesake.

  • For a safe delivery of baby Samuel!
  • It was wonderful to have a visit with family!
  • We are grateful for the hard work and friendship from 7 months with Stephen.
  • Although our children are excited about going to the States, it will be a big adjustment.
  • Keep the men is prayer as they are refreshed from biblical preaching and time away.
  • Pray as we plan for furlough
    • options for transportation while in the States
    • scheduling to visit supporting family, friends, and churches
    • scheduling of new churches to raise the needed 26% support

March 2014 Newsletter

March 29th, 2014
March Newsletter

The last three weeks have certainly been a whirlwind of activity at camp. First, a week long training camp run by a Child Evangelism Fellowship missionary was held here at camp. Most of our counselors were able to attend and learned how to prepare and teach Bible lessons to different age groups and handle many issues faced in a classroom.

The counselors were able to put some of their new skills to the test the very next week when Kid’s Camp started. Fifty children signed up and 59 showed up for the week of camp. In total, 12 children accepted Christ and 3 of them were from the group of 8 children who came because they received a scholarship. 


It was amazing to see the difference in the attitudes of those children from when they came to camp to the time they left.

Jonathan is 11 and he had quite the attitude toward everyone and everything the first few days. He was wanting to go home when Bruno sat with him a few hours and just waited for him to open up. He accepted Christ and the change was very evident his last 2 days. On the last day he cried because he had to return home!

Eighty-five people came to family camp! It seems to be one of the favorites, especially for the counselors who get to be campers that week. It is one of the easier camps for us to run because of the more relaxed atmosphere, although having it back to back with children’s camp meant no recuperation time in between.

Family Corner


Camp ended on Saturday, we celebrated Miguel’s fifth birthday on Sunday, and the first day of school was Monday. Miguel started kindergarten and Callie is in first grade now. Audrey has begun doing extra English classes with the kids at home so they will be better prepared for school during our up-coming furlough.

We are looking forward to visiting all of you whom we haven’t seen in almost 3 years. Our tickets have been purchased for the dates of  June 16 through December 30! 

As we begin to plan for our time there in the States, please let us know if you have a specific time that would work well or a special event that you would like us to attend. This way we can take it into consideration and make every effort to join you then. 

If you have any contacts at other churches, we ask that you please share them with us. It would be greatly appreciated as we seek to raise our support, which is currently at 74% of the minimum support level required by the mission.


  • We are grateful for our wonderful summer staff – from the counselors to the kitchen help to those that came just to wash dishes. Every act of service was appreciated!
  • It was a summer full of opportunities to share the Gospel to the unsaved and to help believers grow in their faith and walk with our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Praise God for generous hearts that provided scholarships for 8 campers. Those kids received an experience they will never forget.
  • Praise the Lord for His provision of funds to purchase our flight to furlough.


  • Please keep camp in prayer while we are on furlough as it will continue on in the capable hands of our mission’s general director, Terry Thompson, with his wife Carol and the national couple that is here at camp.
    • July – Teen Winter Camp
    • August – Couples Retreat
    • September – College and Career Retreat
    • October – Ladies Retreat
    • November – Father Son Retreat
  • Although our children are excited to visit family and friends in the United States, Uruguay is home to them and they will be making a big adjustment this year. Please be in prayer specifically about their schooling transition.
  • Pray as we plan for furlough
    • options for transportation while in the States
    • scheduling to visit supporting family, friends, and churches
    • scheduling of new churches to raise the needed 26% support

January 2014 Newsletter

January 28th, 2014
Teen Camp 2014

The theme for this summer is Creation. We went all out in decorating camp, coordinating lessons, games and crafts to help the Uruguayans understand that the Lord of all Creation cares enough about them to have a personal relationship with them. The youth camp in January had 56 teens, where 4 made decisions for the Lord and others were challenged about their spiritual discipline or lack there of.

This year was also our turn to host missionary conference, which is a time to reconnect with friends that are serving in Argentina and Chile and be challenged by the Word of God through some great speakers. Camp quickly filled up with familiar faces, some that we hadn’t seen since last year’s missionary conference.

Next week we are hosting a Child Evangelism Fellowship training week designed to help people learn how to put together a Bible lesson and teach children on their age appropriate level. Although we aren’t running this camp, we are helping out and some of our counseling staff will be attending. Children’s camp immediately follows so the counselors can put their new skills into practice.

This year family camp fell late and ends on the Saturday before the start of classes. Although this may hinder some peopled from coming, it might be sort of a blessing in disguise since the last 2 years we have overflowed a bit for family camp. “Family camp” really refers to the church family since we have teens to elderly that come who aren’t related to anyone but come for the preaching and fellowship.

Family Corner

Family 2014

Bruno’s mom and grandmother arrived this week from Portugal and will be staying with us for 2 months! Miguel was only 6 months old last time we saw them over 4 and a half years ago, so we are looking forward to the kids getting reacquainted with their Avo (Portuguese for grandma) and great grandmother, Nana. The kids are hoping to work on their Portuguese which thrills their grandparents. 

They were greeted with a lot of rain and a burglary. We decided to park the car along the boardwalk in the capital at sunset and have a little picnic while we watched the kids play with the scooters grandma brought for them. Though we were only about 50ft away we didn’t hear someone break the car window to steal Audrey’s purse. We quickly cancelled all of Audrey’s cards and filled the report. Now we are waiting for a new window to be shipped from the US, since it’s an imported vehicle.

We are planning our furlough this year! We are looking forward to visiting all of you whom we haven’t seen in almost 3 years. Currently we are thinking of being in the states from the end of June until December, as the kids are hoping to see some snow! After the craziness of this month passes, we plan to start arranging dates with churches that already support us and new ones so we can come back to the field with more support, as we are currently at 74%. We have asked Terry Thompson, the general director, to pray about the possibility of coming down and covering for us while we are in the states.

  • Stephen continues be a great blessing to the ministry and our family.
  • Christian and Maria continue to learn the ministry in preparation for our furlough and are beginning to take more responsibility and ownership.
  • Praise that family could come visit.
  • Praise the Lord for the provision of a very capable person to run the camp kitchen.
  • Please pray for the upcoming CEF training camp, kids camp and family camp taking place in the next 3 weeks.
  • Pray for the Lord’s continued provision for the bathroom debt repayment.
  • Pray as we plan to go on furlough
    • that we could find the best deals on flights
    • decisions on what to do about transportation while in the States
    • scheduling to visit supporting family, friends, and churches
    • scheduling of new churches

November Newsletter

November 20th, 2013

     The main goals of the work teams these past 2 months were to create an apartment for our new camp family, Christian and Maria and improve our playground. The lodge at camp originally had a large main room with 7 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and corner with 2 countertops and a refrigerator. A wall was built to include 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a renovated kitchen area, and space for a living room. The team also started the foundations for the playground that the second team was able continue with.

     Youth camp went really well with over 60 young people attending. The teens were taught the difference between talents and spiritual gifts and how they can all be used for the glory of the Lord.

     In August we hosted a back to back couples retreat. The Thursday to Friday one only had 3 couples but they truly enjoyed themselves. The second night we were full with 17 couples sleeping here and one couple came for the sessions! It was defiantly a time of relaxation and connection for them.

     September we held our second ever young adults retreat. We had an international theme which they loved. Each meal was from a different country and they needed to get their “passports” stamped at customs. The topic was God’s will and we hoped they would walk away with a better understanding of how God can use them anywhere in the world. One big blessing was the salvation of a new girl, who we met 2 months ago, all because one young man came on a work trip and brought blankets and stuffed animals to give away. She shared her desire to come to camp and because of a scholarship that desire was made possible. God used a blanket to reach a life!

     At the beginning of September we received another worker to help with the ministry here at camp. Stephen Golden, recently graduated from Apalachian Bible College and has joined us until April for a short term missions trip. He has experience in camp ministry and is pretty handy.

     October began with the ladies retreat, with 56 ladies in attendance. It was a great time of fellowship and getting into God’s word. Followed by a work team that was here for 2 weeks.

     As we begin to plan for next year, we are considering a furlough for several reasons. After the Uruguay field reevaluated the missionaries monthly support needs we dropped considerably, so in hopes to be able to visit some churches.


•  The 3 work teams did a wonderful job with building an apartment for the Cardozos and greatly improving our playground and many other improvements to the camp.

•  We are thankful for Stephen Golden who will be in Uruguay until April.


•  Please be praying for Christian and Maria in this adjustment period. They are learning the ropes of camp and how they fit in to the ministry here.
•  Pray for our family as we keep at such a fast pace!
•  Please pray for Stephen as he seeks the Lords leading for his life!
•  Pray for the Lords continued provision for the bathroom remodel as we continue to pay back on the debt.

June Newsletter

June 8th, 2013

     Thank you for praying about the bathroom project and we are so happy to see it done! The workers really did a great quality job and the improvements made will benefit the camp for years to come. The remodel started because the floor was caving in due to ants making a huge nest beneath the thin cement layer under the tile. Besides replacing and reinforcing the floor, many other changes will help save the ministry money. New faucets were put in that automatically turn off to save water. A different kind of pump system is in place to help cut the cost of electricity. The electricity panel for camp was relocated out of public access for safety and security. Although miscellaneous costs were expected, the cost of the project still exceeded the funds. However, we are grateful that a church loaned us the money needed to complete the project during this time when there were no camps that would need to be canceled. We also received an extra gift toward the project after it had already begun! Thank you to all who have prayed and financially supported the project.

     The men’s retreat was last month and 55 men came to camp from Uruguay and Argentina to be encouraged and challenged from God’s Word. They thoroughly enjoyed the new mini golf course and had a great time with the kayaks and fishing tournament. Two speakers brought 8 messages during the 3 day conference.

     A Uruguayan family has taken a position at camp full time! Almost from our arrival, we realized it was more than a one family job and we’ve been praying for help. Cristian and Maria Cardozo and their 2 year old, Keila, will be moving to camp June 15. They will be able to live at the lodge and a wall will be built to make a private apartment for them without camp loosing much space. Once they arrive, Cristian and Bruno will be able to assess their gifts and skills so Bruno can delegate some of his responsibilities of camp.

     Camp will be blessed by several work groups in through our winter. The first are our friends the Zeliffs that will be in time to help for Youth Winter Camp as well as an extra week. Mike Zeliff has his own construction company and a heart for missions and their good natured company will be enjoyed as well. Just as they leave, the McQuade twins and friend, Chase Tanis, who were all part of the hard working mini golf Christmas crew, will empower us again with their youthful energy and skills with a few more weeks of hard work.

     The third work group coming from Capital Baptist Church of Virginia with 15 people including Audrey’s sister, Rebekah, with her husband and daughter! They will arrive August 9 and will work for a week on improving our playground. It will be wonderful to see family as well as get so much accomplished for camp.

     Francesca has returned home. She came just in time for the summer teen camp and was a great camp photographer and errand runner. She traveled to Chile with us to work with the missionary kids during our missionary conference. Francesca was able to stay with us for 4 months and helped with everything from scanning paperwork and pictures to babysitting to organizing first aid supplies and sports equipment. We are grateful for all the work she accomplished and for the opportunity to get to know her.


•  Finished bathrooms!
•  We are so thankful for the Cardozo family coming to help full time!
•  Successful Men’s Retreat.
•  Praise God for the encouragement and the labor of all these work groups!


•  Please be praying for the pre-planning of the work groups and their safety both en route and at camp.
•  Please pray for the remaining funds to come in to pay for the bathroom project.
•  Please pray for Callie and Miguel’s schooling and our continued language learning.

Prayer Request: Young Adult Retreat

September 2nd, 2012

Please pray as we prepare for the upcoming young adult retreat.

Married Couple Retreat

August 26th, 2012

This past weekend we held the first couples retreat where 13 couples enjoyed time away, time together and time in the Word. It was a 24 hour retreat that began friday night with a session followed by a candle light dinner and some games. Saturday began with breakfast in bed and devotions together, then a couple sessions digging into the biblical foundation for a solid marriage. The couples enjoyed a double bike, frisbee golf, volleyball, ping-pong and many other games during their free time.


August 20th, 2012

“Wanted Dead or Alive!” Well on second thought we already have a dead one and it’s not much use. So “Wanted Alive!” We entered some standing water on the road which ended up being a lot deeper then what it seemed. Water came up on the hood and into the air intake, flooded the engine and blew two huge holes in the block. Our engine was totaled. We searched high and low for a new engine and the mechanic found a rebuilt one for $4,000. It will be a couple weeks before we get our car back. Please be praying that we can get that engine, and that the truck we are borrowing meanwhile has no problems.

Teen Winter Camp

July 30th, 2012

We had a great week. Really nice weather for winter. Though we did have a cold night that in the morning there was no gas, the huge bottle had frozen. Fifty three teens came and many decisions were made…